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The Complete Guide To Healthier Desserts & Baking!

The ultimate system of tools, strategies, techniques, charts and hacks to ensure that your desserts are always healthy, slimming, nourishing and satisfying at the same time! 

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If you feel guilty every single time you let yourself have a sweet treat...


Learn everything about making your desserts healthier, lower-calorie and super-satisfying!


  • 40+ Page Workbook with tips, techniques, charts and guides!
  • 7 Detailed Guides with tips and the strategies for making your desserts and baked goods healthier, lighter, wholesome and just as satisfying as desserts should be!
  • 9 Secret Healthy Dessert Makeover & Baking Techniques for making healthier, lower sugar & calories frostings, fillings and meringue!
  • Fully Printable charts!
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FREE COOKBOOK: Amazingly Healthy Desserts

  • Healthy, original recipes from the upcoming Healthy Desserts Cookbook!
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  • The recipes for Healthy Chocolate Berry Tarts, Healthy Zebra Cake, Healthy Light Acai-Apple Marshmallows, Healthy Birthday Cake Cookie Dough, and MORE!

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3 Conversions Charts!

Fully printable! Your indispensable reference to help you make your everyday healthy baking as easy and blissful as can be

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The Ultimate Guide To Eating Dessert Without Gaining Weight!

Learn ALL about maintaining your health and staying in shape without ever depraving yourself of your daily dose of sweet dessert!

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